The Towns of Berkshire County

By August 3, 2022Exhibits

The Towns of Berkshire County is a photographic exhibit featuring one picture from each of the 32 towns in Berkshire County. The images have been provided by 27 members of the Springfield Photographic Society, capturing the uniqueness of the communities, and illustrating their history, culture, public spaces and natural beauty. Each photographer chose one perspective that they felt was important to understanding their town. The exhibit will be on display through September.

One of the strengths of the exhibit is the large number of contributing photographers – providing a wider range of perspective than what could have been achieved with one or two contributors. In some photos, you will find an icon of that town. In others, there are surprises. Those photographers with a passion for nature found the natural beauty in their assignment. Other photographers wanted to feature historical sites or local businesses.

Participants have had fun assembling this exhibit, in many cases going to towns they knew little about and talking to the locals about the town and its photo opportunities. We hope that you have fun as well, as you view The Towns of Berkshire County.

The exhibit is displayed throughout the entire mansion and is included in the regular admission to the museum. Visiting hours are daily, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Masks, while in attendance, are required. The historical mansion is located at 104 Walker Street in Lenox.

About the Springfield Photographic Society

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