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In the Spotlight: Morgan O-Yuki

By July 26, 2013Press

One of the somewhat hidden gems in the Berkshires is the annual play at Ventfort Hall. Each summer’s performance stars a solo female actor in the role of an historic figure related to Ventfort’s history. Subtitled, “The Geisha of the Gilden Age,” the story is the biography of Yuki Kato, wife of George Morgan of the famous J.P. Morgan family. George’s parents were owners of Ventfort Hall in the 1900’s.

Mayu Iwasaki is beautiful and splendid in the role of the Japanese geisha whose life changes dramatically upon her marriage and life in the United States. It is, obviously, difficult for one person to hold an entire play together. Iwasaki, along with director Enrico Spada, flows smoothly from scene to scene just as her costume flows onstage.

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