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New England: Tantalizing taste of life in a gilded age

Andrea Smith did not get to sleep in the same bed as JFK in Lenox, New England, but she did get to experience an era fondly recalled by the president

By Andrea Smith

ENVY can strike in the weirdest of ways. While visiting the small New England town of Lenox recently, I wanted to be able to say that I had slept in the same bed as John F Kennedy in the gorgeous Garden Gables Inn but, alas, that particular boast fell to someone else. I had to settle for ABC news anchor Forrest Sawyer slumbering in my bed, though our visits were on different occasions, of course.

We were in Lenox, Massachusetts, as part of a two-destination trip, incorporating the Berkshires and Boston, a three hour-drive away. Lenox has a population of only 5,000 and the houses are all gorgeous — think Gilmore Girls meets Wisteria Lane. Click here to read more