What makes Ventfort Hall special?  It is, of course, the people.  You each bring something important to the mix, generously sharing gifts as unique and special as each of you.
When I think back on 2019, there are so many amazing accomplishments.  Brilliant speakers, exciting events, elegant and delicious Victorian Teas and countless tours have enriched all of our guests.
The executives, staff and volunteers are fully “invested” in Ventfort Hall.  There is a sense that for each of us, it is something that holds a cherished place on our hearts.  Whether it is the beauty and majesty of the architecture, or the fact that it allows us to “time travel” back of the Gilded Age – it moves us to want to be there, to learn there, to take Tea there, and to embrace the history within its walls.
Ventfort Hall is so special because each of you have contributed not only your work, but your essence to the Mansion  – thereby creating the magic that is felt by all who enter.
To all, well done – and let us all look forward to a magical New Year!
Lucille Landa
Member, Board of Directors and Program Committee